Finding Home

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever been away from your home? Maybe you went on vacation.

Maybe you went to work for a long time.

Maybe your home was even taken away, like in a disaster or a storm. I’m sorry about that.

Maybe you miss your home town, where you were born or where your family is.

I know that feeling. I miss people. But I did find home. And it wasn’t where I thought.

One time, we lived in that Florida place. And it’s nice to be back there right now. I sure do love the beach and the nice sunshiney. It feels like home. It smells like home.

But I started thinking about home. And why other places felt like that to me too. A place called Bodega Bay, California sure felt like home once. It also had the ocean. The sunshiney…sometimes. But it had wonderful food and salty breezes and so many hiking trails and creeks for Digby too. Yes. That felt like home. Felt good to remember it.

I also thought of our house on wheels. You know its had its share of problems lately.

And as we were traveling the other day and couldn’t find propane or fix our house on wheels, we were frustrated. The slideout wouldn’t come in. We were a mess going down the road.

When we got to our campsite it was smaller than we thought and harder to get it in than we thought.

We were tired and irritable. I looked around at all the other houses on wheels and I was wondering if it all made any sense. Did we have any home? At all?

We took a walk away from that Big Blue Treat Wagon for awhile. I was happy about that. I didn’t want to go back in there. I was mad about all the problems. But when I got back, the persons had somehow made it feel…like home. There was my bed. My rug. My toys. My treats. My home.

When we have disagreements with friends or family, we still love them because of maybe our history together. Or memories.

No matter what happens, we still have love for them.

And no matter what has happened or what will happen with the Big Blue Treat Wagon, I’ll remember most the nights as a family in a new place, talking about what we could see or do. I’ll remember how it feels to wake up in our same bed but have a new picture outside of our window.

Traveling has made us find home. Home is in your heart. What makes you feel good. And it’s ok to change your home. As many times as you need to. Or maybe not at all. We don’t know what this year will bring. But I do know as long as we find somewhere, someplace and some way to feel home in our hearts, that’s where we will go.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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2 thoughts on “Finding Home

  1. Sally Fowles

    Best most wonderful blog…..thank you. Love to you….,I am considering changing homes. ….it will be hard. There is always a way..❤️Love to you each day…

  2. Barbara Sevrens

    Happy New year to you guys xoxo❤. Enjoyed your story about home. Home is where your heart is and I am glad you guys find home where you settle down. Have a great Friday.

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