Higher Ground

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I’m not known for being clean. Or for staying clean. Or wanting to be clean. Not clean.

So when it rained this weekend, and it rained a lot, it made a lot of puddles and mud and all that fun stuff that comes with being not clean. I was pretty excited about it. The persons not so much.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle may be a tough fellow, but he’s a dainty fellow when it comes to getting wet. He gets annoyed by puddles and mud and all the fun stuff.

In fact, Brickle searches for higher ground quite often. But he has another reason. He likes to look down on his subjects to see what they are doing. So when Girl Person read us a sign about the sand dunes and higher ground, Brickle really liked it.

I learned that sand dunes help protect things from storms. I learned that we have to protect them too because they are very important. They absorb impact from wind and waves and help other things not wash away. Higher ground from the sand dunes is very important.

Girl Person told us that if we let them, sand dunes can also teach us lessons on how to be better. She said that a sand dune can only start when it has an obstacle to start like a bush or tree.

And that when we go thru obstacles in life with others we can be like a sand dune. We can take the higher ground.

I’ve been there before. Where you have. Someone says something not nice to you. Sometimes they realize that. Sometimes they may not. We all can disagree. But we can disagree respectfully. I’ve never seen anyone disagree in a big way or a loud way or a rude way that changed anyone’s mind about anything.

But when you take a higher ground of being the one who says what needs to be said in a nice way, the only way, you show you are an example. And being an example is better than anything you can say.

There is a lot in life to argue about and get upset about. There are a lot of thugs that can break our hearts. Don’t break someone else’s heart on purpose.

The view from higher ground may feel lonely at times.

When you wonder if you should have gotten into that argument. But when you look down and see others unhappy, then you will feel free. Try it. Be an example. Keep climbing. Not walking thru the mud will also save you from a bath. Just a tip.

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