Digby’s River

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. When you take your home with you everywhere like we do, sometimes you get attached to where you park it. And this week, we have definitely got attached to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We really love it here.

The sound of the Little Pigeon River right behind our house on wheels is pretty spectacular. Like me.

We have a routine. Take a walk, take a swim and eat breakfast. We stare at the water, we listen to it. It sure is a nice song.

Then, when the weather has been nice, we get some sunshiney by the river too as we take a nap at our campsite.

It makes me happy to see Digby enjoying one of his favorite things. Cold water, creeks, mountains and rivers.  It’s a beautiful thing. Even I can admit it. But I won’t get it in that cold water.  That’s his thing.  Not mine. But that’s ok.

Girl Person told me that the Little Pigeon River was named after the Passenger Pigeons that used to live in this area.  But too many people hunted them.  And now they aren’t here anymore.

It makes me sad to think how much they enjoyed this place, and now they aren’t here anymore.  But we are.  And Digby doesn’t take it for granted.  But I had an idea. Since we won’t be here too long, what if we renamed the Little Pigeon River to the Digby River?  Digby thinks its his river.  He feels it.  He loves it.  And so I told him today that it was called the Digby River. And that meant it was his to enjoy.  If you think about it, persons name everything what they want to.  The birds don’t know the names of that park or mountain or creek or the Little Pigeon River. They just know it is theirs. And for this week, the Digby River is ours.

When you see someone else enjoying life as much as Deputy Digby Pancake, it makes you wonder what you are doing wrong.  It also makes you wonder how you can be more like him.  I suppose it would be more fun not to worry as much as I do.

Or not to be as protective as I am of Girl Person or the campsite, or everything.  I do wonder how nice it is for Digby to go thru life not having a care in the world.  We live in the same place.  We eat the same food.  We have the same place to sleep, the same love. What makes us so different? I don’t know.

But I can only imagine that differences make the world go around. It makes some persons worriers. Some persons carefree like a river. Digby’s river. If you worry too much like me, find your river.

And if you have a hard time finding your river, see what others enjoy.  Let them inspire you like Digby. There is no time to waste. A river won’t flow forever. Seasons change. The passenger pigeons once here probably thought they would always have their river.

Now it’s up to us to enjoy it in their honor. And Digby is doing the best job ever.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. Barbara Sevrens

    Beautiful story about the pigeons and renaming it in honor of Digby. Thank you for sharing your story with us xoxo❤


    SAFE TRAVELS! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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