Driving My Life Away

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I know. I know. I am the picture of the whole package. Not half a package or an undelivered package or a damaged package. The whole package with a bow on it.

Catch me on a Tuesday or any day and I’ll tell you that being a whole package comes with responsibility. You’re expected to know it all. To always look good, which is never a problem, and to always have a plan.

But what if you wake up on that Tuesday and just…don’t? What if you wake up in a panic and remember all you have to do and you don’t know how you can do it? What if you’re worried? What if you don’t want to be a package?

That’s the time you have to put in some bubble wrap on your pride and pull it together. So here’s the deal in a peanut shell. We are gearing up. Suiting up but not with pants. Repairs and all that stuff to get back on the road in a few weeks.

We have sat here too long. Situations like sickness and sad things distracted us from happy. And when the persons have a Depression Monster always trying to get in, our door was left open. And it got in. So we are gonna try to get away from it. If the Big Blue Treat Wagon cooperates. That’s a big if. And we have two ways to approach it.

We can either do our best to get ready and have a backup plan in case of emergency or we can worry. We don’t usually have a backup plan. So this is a big obstacle in itself. If you have that Depression Monster too, you probably get it.

Where are we going? That’s a surprise. And you will just have to wait and see! This trip does have a purpose if it all works out. But maybe it won’t. That won’t change the trip. Just the destination. And although every package has a destination, it can usually be rerouted. That’s the great thing about living in the Big Blue Treat Wagon.

If we don’t like where we are going, we have the option of turning right back around.

We all think we should have our lives figured out by some point. Maybe it’s a certain age we have given ourselves. Or we think we will figure out life when we get that job, that house, that car. But in every package is an invoice. What was the price of your goals? Was it too high? Are you too hard on yourself? We know we have been. We may be driving our lives away. But we are living. And that is a special delivery we will sign for.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “Driving My Life Away

  1. barbara sevrens

    Hope you guys have a good Tuesday. Go with the flow…it will all work out. Don’t let depression have a foothold in your life.

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