That Will Be One Dollar

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. If Sheriff Brickle and I got an allowance, that would be good.  I could do chores like lick up crumbs, mop the floor with all of the water that pours out of my mouth when I drink, and I could do my laundry.  The fact that I don’t wear clothes and especially not pants would make that go pretty fast, and it wouldn’t even cost the persons a lot of quarters.  An allowance would allow me to buy some extra treats, and Girl Person says that she has it under consideration.

I especially wanted to have some money yesterday.  You see, Brickle has been a little down.  He is sad about something, and I don’t know what. He gets like that sometimes, especially when the persons worry like they are doing now.  And nothing has cheered him up.  Not ice cream, not smooches, not peanut butter and not even the beach. I knew what he needed and it only cost a dollar at the dollar store place where Granny Person used to shop all of the time.  But I didn’t have a dollar.  Girl Person said she did though.  And she knew just what we needed to buy. And it was only a dollar.

Sheriff Brickle has a secret habit of nibbling stuffed animals.  He prefers to have one at a time.  And although he nibbles his stuffed animals for a few days, eventually, he turns on their tags.  He rips them off like wax paper on a fruit rollup.

He tears and tears and rips and shreds. Then he takes out their stuffing and spreads it all over the floor.

What are the things that make you as happy as a stuffed animal for $1?? No, I’m not talking about the big things in life like houses and cars and vacations. I know everyone needs those things. And if you are fortunate in life to have them, that is a good thing.  Don’t take it for granted.

But what about the stuff that just a dollar can buy? Yeah. A dollar. It made our afternoon worth more than a million dollars.

Girl Person decided she would go and get a stuffed animal for Brickle and she even got one for me. I don’t care for presents that I can’t eat, but I appreciate the thought. And I made sure I pretended to like it for a few seconds. But Brickle was so excited he stopped thinking of his handsome for a moment. And as he ripped the tag off ever so rippily, I saw a glimmer of happy I haven’t seen much lately. And it made me feel good. I couldn’t have felt better if I would have bought him a new car or a new house. Because in that moment, that was all he needed.

Don’t be so focused on big things to attain in life that you may never get or reach and forget about the little things in the process.

It doesn’t matter if no one else understands your happy over the little things. The little things make for big joy. Especially when we do a little thing for someone else. Girl Person said seeing him so happy reminded her of when he was a puppy. And even though sometimes you think that you can’t possibly love someone more, oh, you can.

Did that dollar buy happiness? No. It bought a stuffed tiger which showed to Brickle Girl Person loved him so much and was thinking about him. A single rose can do that as much as a big bouquet.But I would like to address the allowance issue again, Girl Person. Maple syrup isn’t as cheap as it used to be. It takes a lot to keep me this sweet. Let’s talk.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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2 thoughts on “That Will Be One Dollar

  1. Lynne Smith

    GP, where can I mail some stuffed animals to Brickle? I get a monthly Bark Box. My pups have so many toys. I have so many new toys I would be happy to share!
    Instant message me or email me.

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