What Can I Get You?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Life is like the weather.  You have your sunshiney. Your rainy days.  Your storms.  And you have your lightening when all your storms and problems really come to light.  Sometimes, you think it will be a light shower and you aren’t prepared when there comes a downpour.  That is what happens to me.

I hate storms. I hate lightening.  One time, me and Girl Person were outside and a bolt of lightening in this Florida place struck so close to us that it rattled our teeth and scared me.  Forever.  I’ve never been able to forget it.  And I don’t even know how to deal with it. Until lately.

What happens to you when you have a problem? What happens to you when there is a situation that gets you down or that scares you? Have you ever stopped and thought of yourself as a friend?  If a friend was in your situation, what would you do to help? What kind of assistance would you offer?

I thought about that yesterday when a storm came up.  What would I do if Digby was afraid of the rain?  I would tell him it was no big deal. I would tell him that it would be over soon and that no storm lasts forever.  I would tell him to have Girl Person turn up the radio and give us our special treat to help us.  Yes, I would tell him all of that.

So why was I ignoring how to help myself? Because I am expected to be the strong one? Are you expected to be the strong one? Well, sometimes, I can’t be.  I can’t help it that I hate the booms and claps of thunder.  Maybe one day, I won’t hate it as bad, but I’ve figured out what to do now.

Instead of waiting for Girl Person to remember to give me my special treat, I stand in the kitchen and ask her for it.  I look at the refrigerator and wait.  And she gives it to me.  I take charge of how to make myself feel better.  I know best what I need.  You know best what you need.  I don’t focus on the fact that at one time I wasn’t scared. Things happen to us.  Times change us. We change.  We have to make adjustments as time marches on. Sometimes we have to change directions.  In my case, preferably away from the rain.

If we wait for others to know what we need without asking, we may be waiting a very long time.  Remember that you are just as important as your other friends. But you should be your main friend.  Persons always say that you can’t help others until you help yourself  They say that a lot but it is kinda true.  Recognize when you have your limits.  Recognize how you would take care of a friend.  And then ask yourself, “What can I get you?”

Taking care of ourselves though is no excuse to not be responsible to the feelings of others.  Find the balance and stay out of life’s rain.  But if you get caught, find safety.  Have a plan.  Know what you need before you need it.  Get prepared before the storms. When those storms do come, we won’t always know. Life is kinda like that.

But life is also about learning. Life makes us into better individuals by experiences, good and bad.  We can those experiences to help others, and ourselves. Rain or shine.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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