The Day Of Fun And The Disappearing RV

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. First of all, we still have a tire situation. I’ll get that out of the way. We had to move our whole house yesterday to get tires, and then? They couldn’t put them on. Nope. They couldn’t put them on. Something about tools.

So now we are stuck in bad weather until the weekend with bad tires. But hey. We aren’t moving anyway!

So it’s a good thing we had our day of fun while Boy Person had his day of not fun. Maybe we evened out the universe. Life can sure be not fun sometimes.

Since Boy Person’s job yesterday was to take the RV to get tires, Girl Person’s job was to keep us occupied. And so she planned a day of fun for us. We were all about that! The persons like to make sure we are the least stressed when they are the most stressed. It’s hard for them. But I think it helps them.

So when Boy Person was packing up our house to move it, Girl Person started our day with a ride to one of the cutest towns we have ever walked in. Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.

We walked thru the town, and thru old railroad tunnels.

Pretty soon, we came upon one of the prettiest dog parks we have ever seen.

Usually, we don’t go to dog parks now because Digby can get hurt and the vet said don’t risk it. But there was no one here!

So we got to run and sniff and be free for a whole hour. It was glorious.

After that, we were still ready for more fun! So Girl Person said we should go have a picnic at the Cumberland Gap National Park. Because every fun day should have a picnic. It’s a requirement.

And as we got to the National Park, we saw a sign for a picnic area! We saw tables. But we also saw the river and the stone mountains behind it.

Girl Person thought that was a much better place to have a picnic of cookies and pancakes and sardines. Yes. Digby and I like them.

As we sat by the river eating our picnic spread, Girl Person said that maybe things would work out. She said the RV was having a spa day. And we would go home to take a nap outside in the sunshiney.

That all sounded good. But I’m not sure I was prepared for what I was going to see. When we pulled up to our campsite, it was empty except for a bunch of junk. And our house had disappeared.

It’s one thing to need repairs on your house. It’s another thing when your house has to be taken away to get repairs. It’s strange to see it gone. When its your everything.

Girl Person assured us though that it would be back soon. With new tires, that meant new places to go. But after her phone beeped, and she got a text from Boy Person, she knew we didn’t have good news. There would be no new tires this day. And we held our breath until he got back home. Our day of fun was becoming a memory.

As Boy Person pulled back in and almost couldn’t get the jacks down and almost lost his mind, all of a sudden, everyone pulled it together. Everyone except Digby. He was still napping and not affected at all.

We knew we had to appreciate something worse could have happened and that maybe it was for the best. Bad weather is coming today and it’s going to be a hard few days here. Cold showers and cold rain don’t help. But we will be warm inside with our new little heater. If the persons could find some wine, that would be mighty nice too. What’s a dry county?!

But the persons said nothing would ruin this day of fun with hiking and a picnic and sunshiney and getting to run. It had been a special day. And you know why? When something bad happens to us, it can’t make good disappear like the RV! It can’t take it away. Every good thing has its own good memory. Because it happened in that space of time. And it will always stay.

Just a few months ago, we didn’t know if Digby would get better. But he did. And look at all the good things we have seen and places we have traveled to since then. That bad thing that happened could have stopped us from anything good after that. But it didn’t then. And it won’t now.

When we lose someone we love, we don’t just remember when and how we lost them right? We remember the fun times. The happy times. And every good memory should be like that too. Every good memory should be like music to our ears.

So sit tight. We can’t move anyway. And let’s see what can happen when we don’t give up. Big Blue Treat Wagon RV? Don’t stop now. We need you. All of us do.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Where The Streets Have No Names and No Dogs

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I’m not a scholar. I didn’t go to school. It’s a good thing Girl Person took typing school to type this blog back in 1873.

But I don’t have to be able to read or how to type to know that a sign that looks like this wasn’t painted by an artist. No Van Gogh. Just a Van NO. No dogs allowed.

It’s not often when we go camping that there are so many rules. Or so many streets that we can’t walk down. And I noticed something. These streets we can’t walk down? Well. They look like the one street we can walk down. So why can’t we walk down them? These streets have no names. And no dogs either.

I haven’t been alive as long as Girl Person. Especially since she took typing class in 1873. But I’m not sure when it became ok for so much separation in our world. Even the mountains and oceans touch sometimes.

Some don’t want to be with others different than they are. Some don’t like to have their likes questioned.

Some think they are better than others and don’t accept any other views or ideas. And that’s sad. That’s not joyful. That’s not what or how our beautiful world was meant to be.

Our world is full of different individuals. Individuals that look different just like flowers. Individuals that have fur or without fur. And as long as we show respect, we should all be able to walk down every street. Anyone.

As dogs and our parents, you have to be responsible though. To pick up after yourself. To be respectful and nice to others. Not to infringe on others. It goes both ways. It’s a two way street. It should be a very happy street.

Even though pancakes are my favorite, I don’t carry around a sign that says “No waffles”. Because as long as those waffles don’t take all the maple syrup, well, I think we can pretty much live in harmony.

You don’t have to agree with everyone. That’s impossible. But you should always try to understand. Blocking someone out of your life totally doesn’t help. There will always be someone who thinks differently than you. Respect that.

As we leave this campground today, we never got to see the lake because we weren’t allowed. We didn’t get to see the mysterious campsites down the no name streets. But we did find a way to appreciate that our world has a lot to work on. No. Not our earth. Those who call it home. Take down the signs. Open your heart.

Today, we leave for another state park as we make our way south! Stay tuned.

Deputy Digby Pancake