When You Need To Step Back And Look In The Mirror

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. How much do you think about yourself everyday? If you’re like me with a high sense of confidence, maybe a lot.

But if you’re like Fruitycake who is less confident, maybe a little.

But I asked myself yesterday really how much persons know how selfish they are. How they are unkind to others because they think they’re so busy. How they justify rudeness with being strong.

Girl Person has been a bit on the edge lately trying to get things ready for that Italy place.

Trying to do paperwork and schoolwork and decision making. She thought she was being strong by trying to handle it all on her own. And not asking for help. But in the meantime she was thinking more of herself than she should. Thinking she wouldn’t and couldn’t make mistakes. And she did. She made some pretty big errors yesterday. But I won’t go in to that until next week when it’s all sorted out.

I do have a point though. Sometimes we may think of ourselves one way. When in fact, we are just the opposite.

Every now and then, we have to admit mistakes. We have to accept fault. You are a human person. You’re not a dog person that can do no wrong.

Take a look in the mirror. Do you do things for others for admiration or praise? Or do you truly care? Look at your motives.

And see how you can be better. We all can be better. Except me. I’m perfect.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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