The Reset Button

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This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Some persons say not to push their buttons. I’ve always wondered where those buttons are so I can push them. Maybe that’s what their belly buttons are for.

Some lose their buttons on their pants and have to sew them on. Another reason not to wear pants.

And well, some persons forget that sometimes, they need to press a reset button. And sometimes, they have no choice and its pressed for them. That’s what happened to me. I got sick. Real sick. Remember that?

Ever since that happened and I’m still around, well…it hit a button. A reset button of sorts. And many things have been happening.

I can’t stop talking.

I can’t get enough to eat.

I love life and everything about it.

I love more people and I want them to love me too. I want them to say hello. And even Brickle has found this new love of greetings amazing too. Really. He has.

Did I want this button pressed? You can better believe that I did not. It hurt. I had to go to the vet. I almost lost my battle. But truth be told, before this button was pressed, I wasn’t feeling so good. I didn’t know what was wrong. And I was very tired. Have you ever felt that way?

Maybe you feel like there is something missing in your life. Maybe you have reached the point where you feel like you can’t go on the way you are any longer. Maybe changing seems too much. Maybe you don’t want to press a button. Well, don’t be like me and wait till it is pressed for you. That was no fun.

You see, we had to make changes in my diet. And although some days I wish I could have more pancakes, the energy I have to enjoy everything, and not just pancakes, is pretty good too.

If you need to press a button, will you? Girl Person says she had to this weekend. She worked too hard last week and got sick. She had to put everything down and take care of herself. We can’t depend on others to know we need a reset. You have to do it. Girl Person went to the beach. Where can you go? What makes you feel like you? Find your button! I believe in you. You can do it.

Pressing a reset button isn’t a weak thing to do. It’s a strong thing to do. Making changes can be hard, but when I look back, and know how far I have come, I feel happy. Happy to still be here. And I want you here too.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “The Reset Button

  1. Good morning and glad you are feeling better Deputy Digby Pancake. Hope you feel better soon girl person xoxox. Have a great day. Glad your getting a reset at the beach. Where are you all today?

  2. barbara Sevrens

    Good morning guys Have a great day. Girl person needs to stop and reset herself which she did at the beach. You guys rest too. I enjoy your stories.

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