The Lifesaver

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Some days seem like any other days. Especially Monday’s. Sometimes Tuesday’s. Perhaps Wednesday’s. I don’t know. Every day is a good day to me. I don’t even own a calendar.

But some days, some persons wake up feeling down. They feel like they are missing out on something in life.

Sometimes they forget that if they have another day of life, that they can make of it what they want to. Because even if they have to go to work, or shopping or laundry, every day can be made a little better. But some persons forget this. I see it on their faces. I see the way they walk…just a little slow.

I know that they need a reminder. They need a lifesaver.

For Girl Person, her lifesaver is Brickle and I, and getting outside to hike. For Boy Person, he kicks around a ball with other persons. For Brickle, it’s being Sheriff. For me, it’s food. It’s always food.

I suppose that most of what I see is the problem is that persons really don’t know what their lifesaver is.

And that’s where planning has to come in. You see, if you are down and depressed or simply bored, think ahead of the times when you were most happy and felt the best. How can you work that into your day? How can you save your life? It’s that important. Find those emotions. They are inside of you!

Because every minute that is wasted by being sad and feeling down about yourself could have been a minute when you were happy or making someone else happy. That minute could have been spent wisely and effectively. Yes. Being sad wastes time.

Our highest points in life are when we feel the best about ourself.


No one else is going to change anything for ourselves except ourselves. Don’t wait for someone else to put you on a pedestal. Save your own life. You’re worth that.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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