When I Realized I Needed Friends That Weren’t Dogs

The last few months have seriously been eye opening. I have learned more about myself than I probably wanted to. It’s hard to realize that you aren’t as independent as you thought.

When we turned our RV back in, and sold our truck, we gave up our home thinking that the trip abroad was coming right up.

We also assumed that Brickle would be able to get on the boat trip we had reserved. Little did we know that his health would change and our feelings would change. We realized that he couldn’t be on a boat for a whole week. So we ended up having to wait for a plane ride for us all together in the cabin. We are still waiting. And although we certainly don’t regret that decision and never will, it’s been difficult.

Staying in Airbnbs and other rentals has even been emotionally hard. And financially. I hate admitting that it is really taking a toll on me emotionally. Living out of our car isn’t ideal. However, we also realize that we do have many blessings. While this is all true, I’ve really needed someone to talk to. But I’ve never felt like I have a right to complain or be emotional. Ever since we started traveling, we hard as it was, that was a decision we made. Situations we put ourselves into. Same as now. And we owe it to our dogs to do all we can for them.

But I’ve been truly at my lowest the last few months without a home. I feel lost. I feel scared the plane ride may not happen as soon as I think. And without a friend to talk to, I don’t know how or where I would be right now. That friend came into my life when I had decided I only needed my husband and my dogs. I didn’t know how much I needed her. The texts and the help i have received have made the difference I needed. Which has helped my dogs too.

I didn’t know I was missing out on friendship because the last many years I’ve tried to be strong and do everything myself. It’s taken me so many years to accept friendship. The reason I write this today is because so many of us take the best care we can of our dogs. We think that no one understands how much we love them. So we avoid others who may criticize us for that when actually there are others who feel the same way too. And that can make for some wonderful, life long friendships.

I do not know what will happen or not happen the next few weeks and when we will be on our way to Italy. But I do know I’ll need friendship and support. And I’m so glad I’ve accepted it.

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2 thoughts on “When I Realized I Needed Friends That Weren’t Dogs

  1. Theresa Bates

    I lost my best friend several years ago. She suffered a stroke while we were on the phone, and I didn’t even realize what had happened until two days later. I still want to call her to tell her something, or to share a laugh. I still think I’ll hear from her soon. Her letters were so delightful. I know how important it is to have that someone you can just talk to about anything, and I really miss my best friend. I have five siblings; I moved from where I’d lived for over 30 years just to be near my family. It’s not the same thing as having a best friend. The bond is different. Even though one of my brothers lives next door to me, I sometimes feel totally isolated. You can’t talk to your siblings the way you can your best friends. I’m glad you realized you needed that one person in your life. Your best friends is often your lifeline.

  2. I have the same friends I had in college and from my first professional jobs when I was in my 20s. I am lucky. So many others have moved or just drifted away. If you manage to make a true friends, say a serious thank you and be glad. They don’t happen often.

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