Turn Down These Voices Inside My Head

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Do you ever hear voices? I know I do. Voices telling me how cute I am. Voices telling me I’m a fruuuiiityboooty. Or a fruuuuitttyyylooopppy. And yes that’s Girl Person’s voice. I hear it.

I also hear my own voice. Very loud and clear. I am what you might call a talkative fellow. I like to talk. But I’ve always had voices in my own head that I haven’t liked to listen to. When I was a stray dog on the streets.

Yep. Those voices seemed to even drown out my barking voice. Voices telling me I would always be hungry.

Voices telling me I would never have a home with a bed. Or a quilt. Or a Brickle.

Yes. Those voices seemed to talk all of the time. Sometimes they would really get to me. I believed them. But you know what? They were wrong. So wrong.

That’s what I keep trying to tell my persons. The voices inside their heads are super loud right now.

Telling them Italy is just so far away. Those voices saying a delicious plate of Italian pasta is never gonna happen.

The voices are even telling them that they will never learn the language.

No matter how hard they practice. No matter how many lessons they take.

And since we are getting closer to that Florida place, this is going to be super difficult for them to focus and not listen to the voices. Because all the past memories are there.

Because their storage unit is there. And old memories. Old insecurities. A feeling of being stuck. Those voices already have planned what they are going to say before we even get there. So I guess it’s my time to speak up. And yes. I can do that. I can really do that.

When I look at my persons, I don’t see the old problems or memories they had. I don’t see their failures. I see what they’ve meant to me. I see how much they love me. And how much they love Brickle. They do that pretty good.

And I know that they can do this too. Because if they found me out of 600 other dogs at a county shelter, they can find their way to that Italy place.

Just like I was meant to be for them, so is Italy. And they will do this.

Sometimes the voices in our heads aren’t so nice. Because they know how to get to us. But you are stronger than a voice.

Turn down the voices by doing what you have to do. If you are Girl Person, you make a pot of spaghetti and turn up Dean Martin. You do what you gotta do too.

We are in Warner Robbins, Georgia until Thursday. And then headed to that Florida place.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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