This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What a week. The scenery, the leaves, the waterfalls and the mountains did not disappoint.

To be able to run free at the house rental and listen to the creek did all of our souls good.

We have many things to take care of now to be ready for that Italy place, though.

And so today, we start on the trek back to that Florida place. We could get there in one day. But I’m not into rushing much anymore.

And I’ll need some rest inbetween. So today we head to Warner Robbins, Georgia place for three nights. And then I’m not sure where we will end up in that Florida place just yet. It’s going to be dicey to keep up the persons spirits after such a wonderful few weeks.

But if you truly want a dream to become reality, you have to do the work behind it. And it’s time to sort this all out.

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Dicey. What a word.

You know, when the persons decide what trail we are going to head out on every day, they read the reviews from other hikers to make sure it’s a good trail for us. And so when Girl Person found this particular trail this weekend, she was excited. And yes. She did read the reviews. But the trail was listed as moderate in difficulty. And the waterfall was beautiful, everyone said. But a couple people said the trail was dicey. And since Girl Person exaggerates so much, she figured they were too. She was wrong. You might as well have handed me some peppers and cucumbers on the trail. I would have been able to really dice them up.

This turned out to be a pretty narrow trail with steep and slippery steps. A few hikers turned around. But we were determined to finish. But that meant Boy Person would have to carry me for a mile. Over a mile, actually. And if I’m as heavy as a sack of potatoes, they would have been diced up too. Dicey was definitely the word for this one.

The trail took us forever. But after we were done, I felt alive. I felt invigorated. I felt strong. Like I could do it all. Sure. It was dicey there for a bit. But I would rather take a chance at life then wait for failure.

It’s kind of like what the persons are going thru now. We have a house in that Italy place. But no plane ride yet. We will have so much to do once we get there. It’s all going to be dicey. But we won’t get a plate of life until we dice up the work. We are determined to do the work.

Oh, the chances we all take every day. The chance someone will love you if you open your heart. The chance someone will accept you if they know the real you. The chance that you’ll slip off a mountain if you take the wrong trail. Yes. Check all of the above on chances. We all roll the dice. So I say try. I say go to the waterfall.

Go to that Italy place. Go to a place where you can be you. Dicey is scary. But so is waiting around for life to pass you by.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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