Destination Italy: Update In A Nutshell

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s been a long week. But also a short week. Makes no sense. But it is true. When you have a lot to figure out, but you keep going round in circles, time drags on.

We actually did make some progress this week in Italy plans.

It wasn’t the progress we wanted, but having answers is better than not knowing. Even if they aren’t the answers you want. That was this week. In a nutshell.

What did the persons find out? That they can’t get a student visa right now. Because they don’t know enough Italian. You have to be at a higher level to study more. And the test they need isn’t even given for another few months. So. That’s not happening.

They found another visa option. But the still have more attorney people to talk to. And yet, if a plane ride for us becomes available, we have to be ready to go. Visa or no visa.

So now what? If the persons don’t have a visa, they can stay there three months. And that will give enough time to get the student visa or we can go to a nearby country and come back. I know it sounds complicated because it is.

For now, in a nutshell, we need to get ready to go.

We get the loose ends tied up. We get our paperwork ready. We plan to get on a plane in the next couple of months because our house is waiting. And I bet, I just know, it will all come together.

But doing nothing right now won’t work. Positive actions lead to positive outcomes. This I believe.

Life is a mixture of hopes and paperwork. Life is a blend of dreams and no’s.

Dreams won’t always come true in our lives. Even if we work as hard as we can. But we have to try. We have to believe. It’s what life can be that keeps us going.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “Destination Italy: Update In A Nutshell

  1. Jean Jeffries

    It’s OK – we used to go out of Greece for this reason and it all works out. It cost us $150 for every three months, to get back in on our visitors visa.

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