We Only Have So Many Fall Seasons With Our Dogs

I have learned by spending so much time with my dogs over the last decade traveling with them that I had it all wrong. I used to think they couldn’t tell time. Or that they weren’t aware of days, months, years and seasons. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I’m pretty sure that the so called research studies that tell us dogs aren’t fully aware individuals is wrong. Ok. I know so. Because any dog knows how long you’ve been gone. Any dog knows what time dinner is. And my dogs put themselves to bed every night at 9 pm on the dot.

So when I came across the last fall season picture I took of my dog Digby, and of Brickle and Digby together, I knew I had to tell you something. The fall season has just begun. Do not take it for granted.

In honor of Digby, this fall season, make it everything you want it to be with your dog. In honor of Brickle who is now almost 15, make this fall season everything you want it to be for you and your dog.

I suppose in my heart, I knew my time with Digby was running short those last couple months. But I didn’t want to believe that. I somehow couldn’t fathom him not being there another fall season. But I also made it wonderful. We had campfires. We had pumpkin pie. We had special dinners and picnics. We piled up leaves and jumped in them. I put my phone and my camera down after that picture and just lived that fall to the fullest. And he loved it. Your dog will love it.

Truth be told, I like warm weather. I also deal with depression and the colder months don’t make it easy for me. But knowing Brickle loves the cooler weather makes me try harder. And it also makes me want to give Brickle all I can this year. So today, I started with that pumpkin pie. What can you start with?

We only have so many fall seasons with our dogs. Don’t take this one for granted. Don’t worry about what other people think! We all know it only matters what our dogs think anyway. So have a fall picnic. Have a fall party with all the dogs! Make your dog a special dinner. Hike a beautiful fall trail. Take your dog to a mountain cabin fall vacation. Do all the things. Live all the life. We only have so many fall seasons with our dogs.

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