The Barriers

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Reminder that I like trash but I’m not a real raccoon. I’m a dog. I have to remind one’s of that at least every so often.

I see a lot of barriers every day. Things that try to keep you out. Or keep you away. Or at least stop you in your tracks. They are annoying. Like leashes.

For the persons, they have a lot of barriers too. Barriers that were meant to keep them safe too. But they are really hard for my persons to get past right now.

They have that language barrier when it comes to that Italy place. And they are trying to learn it. Unless they know it good enough, they can’t get a student visa to learn more. It’s all very complicated. And all I see is a lot of papers.

They have tried three times to these visas. And have been told no. It’s not like we can’t still go to that Italy place. But it would make things easier if we got it done now. So the persons are talking to more persons.

And trying to get this done so that we are ready to get on a plane when it’s available.

You know that Girl Person has that Depression Monster. And he’s been real loud this week. So loud that she cries a lot. And is worried a lot more. I keep telling her that she is strong. She can do this. It’s just a roadblock. A barrier. But we can figure out a way. We always do. And we will.

But sometimes what you have to do is easier that what your mind tries to put up against you. You may have been told you aren’t good enough. Or you’ve told yourself that. But you are. And a barrier is not impossible to navigate. You have to concentrate though.

And you have to put your thoughts into action. It won’t happen by itself.

I haven’t been in my family long. But I do know they’ve went thru barriers before. And I know they are stronger for that. If a stray dog like me can end up getting his own house in that Italy place, anything is possible.

Now. Let’s get there.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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