When You’re In The Back Seat

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I always hear others say that they want to be the leader.

I hear others say that they want to be in the drivers seat. Well. Put me in the back seat and I’m quite happy there. I’ll tell you that.

We had to ride in a new car yesterday that we are using until we find a car to drive for a few months. We only have so much money to spend. And it seems like every car we go to see really needs a lot of help!

We just don’t have time to do that. We have to have something that gets us to that New York place.

And I’m just sitting in the back seat watching all of this. And being happy that I don’t have to make all of these decisions.

I think about Brickle and how he’s always in control. He’s always in the driver’s seat of life and always has been. He took care of Digby and he takes care of me.

He takes care of the persons, especially Girl Person.

And he puts a lot of pressure on himself. So sometimes he is grumpy. And sometimes he wants to take a break. But he doesn’t. Because others count on him.

Are you comfortable in the drivers seat or do you prefer the backseat? We all have a role in our families. Do we thank those that take the lead and the pressure off of us?

And if you’re in the driver’s seat, do you show love and appreciation to those that you take care of and show them their value with respect?

I definitely think that this rental car is way to small. And honestly, I’m glad we don’t have to keep it. It can’t hold anywhere near the treats we have and even our dog beds!

We can’t wait to find another car.

But we have to move vacation rental houses today too. So I’ll just sit back here and watch. And I’ll report later. Brickle and the persons have this. And I’m glad about that.

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

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