Out Of Place Not Out Of Space

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever felt out of place? Like a duck out of water?

Like a piece of bread without peanut butter?

Like fruit with out a cake?

I usually fit right in wherever we go, unless it’s a small space. Then I may have to squeeze. I may have to suck it in.

But I’m finding it surprising that I am feeling a little out of place without an RV.

I’m finding it surprising that having more space makes me feel out of place. Because I am not used to all of this room at the Airbnb.

I am not used to being able to move around better and being able to be in a yard when I want to. It’s nice in a way. And scary in others. Because I am wondering if I have changed.

I thought that I knew myself pretty good and that I knew what I liked. But when I’ve experienced another way of doing things this past week, it’s made me wonder if we ever really and truly know ourselves and what we want.

Or even if we know what is best for us. And I’ve realized that unless I try other things and other ways of travel, I may be missing out.

So even though I am nervous to travel to that Italy place, I’m actually excited to maybe get to know myself even better.

Judging others and what they like or don’t like is easy to do when we don’t understand. And the only way to understand is with experience. Put yourself out of place and see another’s point of view. Give yourself the space to grow.

We will be at this particular Airbnb until Friday and then we will be moving to another place! The persons tell me it’s a farm that grows very small things. Stay tuned!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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