Return To Sender

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I have a few things I need to take back today.

First of all, I’m taking back my happy.

I’m returning the worry and the sadness about the lump monster in my mouth.

Although I have to shrink this thing, it’s not cancer. It’s not cancer!

And I’m also taking back some peace of mind. I’m returning uncertainty.

Because now that we know what we have to deal with in regards to my health, we can have a plan.

We also are taking back something special today. We are taking our Big Barking Biscuit Buggy RV to that Camping World place.

You may think that we would be worried because after today, the only house we have is in that Italy place, far, far away. Yes. That’s true. It is kind of scary.

But I say nothing is scarier than not changing. I say nothing is scarier than continuing at the pace we have been on for over seven years.

Although we will miss the comfort of our house on wheels, we know in our hearts it is time to travel on.

Comfort and feeling safe has a place in life.

But so does growing. So does exploring and expanding who we are. So does change.

Just because we are taking our RV back today, that doesn’t mean travel is over for us!

In fact, it’s just beginning and I’m excited about it. I may be 14 years young in person years, but I have so much more to see and to do. Like that boat ride.

That’s right. I’m excited! I’m happy! I feel good and that lump monster needs to be returned beforehand. It’s time to work on that.

When we drive down the road with our RV behind us for the last time today, I won’t be sad. I won’t cry. I will remember what fun times we had. And how it prepared us for the fun times to come.

Where will we go next? Well, just for a couple weeks we will still be in this Florida place in a vacation rental while we pack more stuff up and take care of loose ends and my lump monster. We also have to sell our truck and find something else to drive.

Then….stay tuned. We have a long distance to travel…will you be with us?

Peanut Butter Brickle

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3 thoughts on “Return To Sender

  1. Jacquelyn

    I love you Brickle and just want you to be well and to be able to live the rest of your life out in one place with beauty all around you. Maybe that place is Italy but there is so much to be done there before all of you can just relax and have fun. It really worries me. I know your persons have a dream and I hope it comes true. With that said wherever you go I will follow you. I look forward every morning to hearing from you. I have my own senior boys with their many health problems too. We live a very quiet peaceful life here in Colorado. They don’t like riding in the car so the only place we take them is to the vet when they need to go. My husband walks them every morning thru our quiet little neighborhood as I cannot walk any more without a walker and am in a great deal of pain 24/7. They are 14 and 16 and are little Dachshunds. I hope to be able to continue watching you and your many adventures. I wish you all nothing but happiness and good health. I love you all and am sending love and prayers your way.❤️🐾

  2. Nancy Bradshaw

    You and fruity cake are so much of my morning routine I look forward to your blog every day it gives me such a good outlook on my day. You and fruity and your boy and girl persons have the whole world open to you now. When that lump monster is dealt with y’all have a dream adventure ahead of you. I will continue to watch your adventures and wish I was there with you. Mr fur babies peanut little bit and fancy wish you and your family safe travels and many many glorious adventures. All our love ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Robin Farnell

    I know it is hard to leave your home behind. We felt that way when we left Florida. We did have a temporary stay in Ga. But now permanently in Tennessee. Crystal loves it, but we do miss our family and friends in Florida 🙃❤️, but for now this is life in Tennessee. Your road is now brighter Brickle, you can get that lump monster out of your mouth, then heal and rest for your boat adventure then Italy here you all come. Yum yum spaghetti 🍝 😋 have a good day Brickle and Fruitycake we love you

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