Under Pressure

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Things are getting hot around here in this Florida place. I don’t really do good in the heat. And it’s hard to keep being my cheerful self with all this commotion and plan changing going on.

Fruitycake seems to be much more adaptable than I am when it comes to being under pressure and stressful situations. He takes everything with the wag of his tail.

Unless it’s those huskies that walk down Gandma’s street. He doesn’t care for their attitude. And they’ve been turning right around when they see him. I guess our reputation in the neighborhood is going downhill.

Yes. Things are a bit under pressure here.

And I don’t mean just the popcorn we had as a snack yesterday.

We have so many plans to change. We moved our boat trip to August 18 and are back on the kennel waitlist.

We had to get someone to help the persons get their visas again.

And we have to give the RV back to the Camping World place soon, make our way to New York where the boat leaves from, and get all the boat paperwork done.

But you know what comes before all of this?? Me.

That’s right. While we are still waiting on my heart pictures to say I can have surgery, we had to go ahead and schedule a biopsy because there is a big backlog. So that appointment is May 9. And it’s a lot of pressure to wait. A lot.

The persons are still getting rid of what we can. And in the midst of all this, we also are having to work, spend time with family and generally panic.

I think that the persons will be able to sort this all out and get us to our little house in Italy. I think so. But we have to keep working to pay for it. And we have to take care of even more papers for that. More to come on that later.

Have you ever felt under pressure? How did you deal with it? No. Really. I want to know. Did you go thru something that you thought you couldn’t? Did you accomplish something you thought was impossible? It sure would help me to hear about it.

Being under pressure is hard. The world is built around stress and rush.

But when you step back and watch the birds and you look at the sky, you realize that the world goes on. No matter what we go though, the birds keep flying. We can too.

The pressure won’t last forever. We can only keep moving and doing. And hope the pressure eases soon.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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