The Little Dog Laughed

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s been kind of an odd week. We got a no for the persons’ paperwork to that Italy place.

Then, we somehow ended up in the Wall Street Journal newspaper thing.

No kennel opened up this week for the ship voyage.

And then, Fruitycake and I got dressed up to take pictures with the cows for no reason.

Sometimes you have to laugh at life. It throws things at you that you don’t expect. It’s like that nursery rhyme. If a cow can jump over the moon, you can be sure us dogs will laugh. Anything is possible.

I knew there was no reason to get dressed up and laugh. And to have the cows laugh at us.

But we needed to laugh. And you so what you have to do.

You can either catch the bad stuff and not be able to hold the good stuff in life. Or you can concentrate on catching the good and let the bad fall.

If you can laugh at the curveballs when other people cry, who do you think will be successful in their endeavors? If me and Fruitycake can make you laugh with funny outfits, imagine what else we can do!

We can keep encouraging the persons to pursue their dream to that Italy place. That’s what!

I hope the persons can remember every day when we get a no that eventually there will be a yes.

We will keep navigating until we find it for the road to that Italy place.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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