That Trail Used To Be Shorter

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Going back to places I’ve been with Digby in the past is sometimes kind of hard.

The memories make me happy, yet sad.

The realization that I haven’t seen him in awhile makes me sad. The truth and reality that I never thought we would be be apart, yet we are, is hard too.

This weekend, we went to a trail that Digby and I used to go on all of the time before we started traveling so much.

That seems like so long ago, mostly because it’s true. It was long ago. When we hiked that trail, I never pictured my life without him.

I never imagined a time when I would be hiking it with a Fruitycake brother of mine.

I never imagined that a trail could seem so long.

That trail used to be shorter. This I know is true.

Years and years ago, Digby and i could hike it in a New York minute.

But this weekend, it took me hours. It took many more breaks to catch my breath. That trail used to be shorter. This I know is true.

Although the map didn’t tell me it used to be shorter, I know why it seemed so long. I’m not as fast as I was back then.

I don’t have Digby pulling me in all different directions.

I have to explain a lot more to Fruity. I have to watch out for him more.

That trail used to be shorter. This I know is as true as Fruitycake is fruity.

With age comes wisdom. But age also brings on feelings of missing others that are hard to carry. Sometimes your road seems longer without the ones you love.

Sometimes the road is more difficult without the ones you love. This I know is true.

Life can change us with the passage of time but I find it interesting how the world just keeps spinning. Even without the ones we love. So do your best to navigate the trails of life.

Find a Fruitycake like me if you need to. It’s ok to love someone else when our loved ones are no longer here. It’s ok to find a partner to be on the trail with.

Peanut Butter Brickle

One thought on “That Trail Used To Be Shorter

  1. Robin Farnell

    Yes , Brickle it does seem like it takes longer to walk that trail. Yes have to take more breaks….but we still enjoy the walk even though we miss our other person or doggie. Cherish each day, I know my time is limited with Crystal 16yrs 2mo young so I take the time for extra belly rubs and kisses. With her 3 beagle sisters in doggie heaven waiting for her, but she isn’t ready yet and I am not either. We got a move to Tn next month so we shall see what happens next 😏 🤔 🐕‍🦺🐾❤

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