Till The Cows Come Home. And They Are Home.

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I could eat peanut butter till the cows come home.

I could lay in the sand till the cows come home.

And I could question everything. Till the cows come home. There are always so many doubts. And so many questions. Especially for the persons.

We have had many decisions lately. And when I say “we” I do include Fruitycake and I. Because we influence many decisions. And we are part of the family.

When Digby was with us, you may not know this, but we tried to buy a house in the mountains where Digby would be happy just a few months before we lost him.

We tried to buy a house in that California place. Then someone paid double.

There have been many homes in the last few years we tried to buy.

We looked far and wide till the cows came home. Well. Now. They are home. And we have made some decisions.

We have made some decisions because we have to. We have to have somewhere to live. We have to be happy. We have to live.

We will not stop traveling. But we can’t keep on at this pace. We have to try something new.

We want to be happy. We want you to be excited to keep on this life’s journey with us.

And we hope you’ll enjoy our news on Thursday…and don’t worry. We will keep on writing this blog until the cows come home. Which means for as long as you want us to.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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4 thoughts on “Till The Cows Come Home. And They Are Home.

  1. Jacquelyn

    I am so excited for you guys. You really need a home that is planted in the ground! You can always travel when you feel like it, but you need a well deserved rest. I am sure your boys will enjoy a rest too. Whatever you do I hope all of us can still be a part of it. We love you and feel like you are our family too!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Robin Farnell

    We all deserve to have happiness. You do what is right for your family. As long as you are writing I will continue reading and my support…. Crystal the beagle and family went to Spring Hill Tn last week and we willbe moving there the end of April. Very excited. Hephzibah Ga was temporarily 1yr 8mo. We are trying an apt. For a year before we buy… I will certainly be making trips to Florida to see my extended family but that will be fun and exciting too. So. Wish you all the best with your decisions……we love you Brickle and Fruitycake GP BP 🙏 ❤️

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