The Meatloaf Sandwich

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. A boy like me can’t live on fruitcake alone. No.

When you are at the grandparents’ house, you also put in an order for whatever they are having. And Gandpa is always making a sandwich.

Yes. My persons are vegans which means they don’t eat that meat stuff. But Gandpa says that a meatloaf sandwich is his sandwich of choice.

And I put my order in yesterday.

Persons sure have their favorite foods. Everything is a favorite to me. Just different days for different favorites. And sampling is always appropriate.

You know, I was thinking about it. And I don’t know if I would pick a meatloaf sandwich at any other restaurant. But when Gandpa makes it, it just seems delicious. Like the most extravagant meal I’ve ever had.

Girl Person says that when she makes dinner, she likes it. But sometimes, food just tastes better when you don’t have to make it. She says that it’s like a treat. Do you have a treat that you love?

Life is full of meatloaf sandwiches. But not everyone has a sandwich made by Gandpa. Food is more than eating for me. Food is love.

Food is a privilege I have now.

And I couldn’t say that as a stray. So take the treats when you have an opportunity to. And put your order in.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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One thought on “The Meatloaf Sandwich

  1. Robin Farnell

    Always loved going to my moms house for dinner she was such a good cook…I do make some of her recipes, but I miss her company so so much. So enjoy your time with family Brickle and Fruitycake GP BP

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