Life Needs More Cake And Sunshiney

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s been chilly lately! And I am not complaining. Because I love a breeze thru my brindle fur. It makes me feel alive!

But I also need sunshiney. And we haven’t had much of that lately. I know there is a time for rain. And a time for clouds. But it doesn’t make me change my mind that life needs more sunshiney.

Some may say that not every day can be a good day. And I used to agree with that. But I don’t have the time to agree with that anymore.

I could wish for the past. But it would change the taste of today.

If you missed the special blog yesterday, you may not know that we are nearing the one year anniversary of losing Digby Pancake. But I’m trying to look at this in a different way.

Instead of remembering all the sad of that day last year, we are turning December 1st into Live Like Digby Day.

Digby was sweet like the pancakes he loved so much. And although I don’t have his sweetness with me, I have another cake to help me thru life. Fruitycake.

And I appreciate every sweet bite of life he brings to me.

The only words I can say is that I love him so much.

Yes. Every day should have sunshiney and cake. Every day should be fun. Happy. Enjoyable. None of us have the time for our days to be anything else. We can change. We really can if we try.

If we expect to be happy, think of all the possibilities we can fill our days with.

Even the upcoming December 1st. What suggestions do me and Fruitycake have for Live Like Digby Day?

Live Like Digby Day Suggestions 

1. Make your dog a stack of dog friendly pancakes in honor of Digby!

2. Take your dog on a new hike! Then stop for ice cream! 

3. Take your dog for a ride and turn on one of Digby’s favorite songs!

4. Volunteer at your local rescue or shelter

5. Make a donation to a local shelter or the Live Like Digby Fund. 

6. Take supplies to a local rescue in need. 

7. Adopt a new rescue!

There’s nothing wrong with wishing for more good days. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more sunshiney and cake in life. Don’t let the world make you think life is just a depressing cycle. The real cycle of life includes the good things. The good ones in our life who remind us that every day is sweet.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. Robin Farnell

    It is cloudy here too, but it is a good time to get out the Christmas 🎄 decor and enjoy them for the 6 weeks I usually leave them up. I usually o ly do inside decorations. No latter’s please. Have a good day Stay warm and dry. 🐕‍🦺🐾❤🙂

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