Windy Thoughts

This is Fruitycake The Raccon. Do you ever have windy thoughts? Like when you have so much to do. And you can’t concentrate on one thing? That happens to me.

Sometimes I’m thinking about breakfast. Sometimes I’m thinking about a snack. Or dinner. Or ice cream. And I can’t concentrate on one thing.

For Brickle, he may be thinking of who he wants to growl at. Or who he wants to correct. Or he may be thinking about where he wants to travel to next. He has many, many things to do.

For Girl Person yesterday, her concentration was on work. And our event this weekend.

There is always so much to do. And when the wind is blowing, you know how that feels. And that’s how windy thoughts feel. All over the place.

It is hard for persons. I see that. They put a lot of pressure on themselves. And they never give themselves credit for all that they do.

For us Dogs. For themselves. My windy thoughts are like my thankful thoughts. Many of them.

Remember that your to do list may never end. Remember to schedule in time for you. For rest. For a chance to just simply enjoy the weather.

Your windy thoughts can wait. Make room for the thankful ones. And stop to see what you can be thankful for.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

One thought on “Windy Thoughts

  1. Robin Farnell

    Yes Fruitycake we have to make time to stop & smell the roses 🌹 like my momma used to say…. all work & no play is no fun. Yes the persons will be busy with the event they want it to be a success. But then they can chill with you pups. Enjoy each and every day 🐕‍🦺🐾🙂❤

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