Needed Or Wanted?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, the game of our morning hike. You would think that since I’ve hiked nearly every day of the last 12 years, that I would be tired of it. Oh. But I’m not. Why? Every place has something to learn about. But don’t ask me to go on the same hike twice. I’ll always say no. Been there. Done that. Even if I’m hiking in a peanut field.

But when we are staying at a park with different trails, it’s nice because we don’t have to drive far to reach them. Even though we may be at the same place, each trail is usually unique. But what else is unique? How I change up the trail. How I try to trick Girl Person. And how I think it’s funny when she chases me.

Me and Girl Person are pretty much soulmates. And usually, we can tell what the other is thinking. But I’m a wonderful actor. I haven’t been compared to George Clooney because I’m out of his league.

But I like to pretend that I’m going the wrong way I a trail. When Girl Person waits for me to catch up..I don’t. I wait for her to have to walk back. And then I take off. I’m funny like that. And it makes me feel wanted when she makes the effort to come and get me.

Oh, to be wanted. Or needed. Which is better? I need to eat. But I want to eat spaghetti.

I need to walk. But I want to hike.

Do we make others not feel only needed, but wanted? The truth is, we probably don’t need anyone else to survive or to breathe. But we want those ones in our lives. Do they know that?

We may take it for granted that others know how we feel. Like maybe the ones who make us dinner or go to work to provide for us or who make sacrifices to take care of us. Like the ones who bag our groceries or who teach us. Everyone who is a caregiver is needed. But make sure they know they are wanted. We all want that. Don’t we?

We are back on the road today and moving to a different campground in the area to be closer to our event this weekend.

If you are in the Williamsburg, Virginia area, won’t you come help us #PickUpThePark? Sign up here! Spaces are limited.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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