This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I love, love, love life. I love the magic of every day. I love the possibility of what can be.

But what I love best about life right now is finding out who I can be. Brickle tells me that he is still finding out.

Brickle tells me that who you are can change. And he says he has changed many times.

I like that thought because I would hate to think that who I am now is the only me I would ever be. A year ago I didn’t have a chance to be me when I was a stray. Because I had to hide. But now, I can find out what I like. And right now, I like climbing high. Whether it is on a mountain or a rock or a picnic table. My Gandma calls me a cat. So. Meow.

I know cats. Cats are like me but not like me.

And I like them. Although most of the time, they don’t like me. I like the way they climb. I like the way they watch others. I like how they meow.

So if I am like a cat, meow. I don’t mind being a cat dog. Or a dog cat. That’s the me I am now.

Are you a different you than this time last year? Last month? Ten years ago? That’s ok! Every day that we live teaches us something. So it’s only natural that every day shapes who we are.

It’s embracing the good and the personality of the day to change who we are for the better.

I can be a cat today and a dog tomorrow. I can be a butterfly next month and an elephant next year. It’s so much fun, I am finding, to see what version of yourself you love the best. Meow.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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