Stronger Than Yesterday

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. How strong do you feel today? I’m not feeling my strongest. But I certainly know I feel better than yesterday. And that’s ok by me.

Persons have been asking Girl Person what is on my neck for a few weeks because of the Lump Monster.

But now the persons are asking why I have stitches and why my neck is shaved.

In fact, one person asked us that yesterday. And when Girl Person explained that I had a lump monster removed and that I was recovering, the person said, “well, maybe you’ll get two more years out of him.” And he said it like I wasn’t even there. Fruity heard it too.

He said it like I was a car someone took in for service.

And although I’m used to persons saying things that they shouldn’t, this particularly made me think. Why do persons assume because you are older that you are less than? Do any of us know how much time we have?

I see a lot of older persons. And I don’t feel the need to wonder how much time they have. Instead, I think of the time that they have had so far and all of the adventures they must have had. I think of the problems they’ve made it thru and how I’m glad they are here. And I don’t see them getting weaker. I see them getting stronger. Just like me.

I’m stronger than I was yesterday because of experiences. I embrace the lessons I’ve learned. Do you?

Being stronger isn’t always easy. It was hard to go thru surgery last week. But I learned that I probably should have had it taken care of long before. I learned that missing Digby made it grow faster. I learned that Digby sure was stronger than I even knew. And he left me memories of his strength. And that made me stronger.

You are stronger too than you were yesterday.

You have learned lessons. You have spent time being sad when you shouldn’t have been. You have more time to be happy than you think. Your season has arrived.

Those of us that get older have an advantage. We have perspective. We have strength in our character. We have a responsibility to keep trying and being stronger for those that want us and need us around.

If I can do it, you can do it.

And to that man person that had a need to tell me how much time I had left? I’ve only just begun.

Peanut Butter Brickle

3 thoughts on “Stronger Than Yesterday

  1. Missy

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, Brickle! You’ve got plenty of time and that guy person can go pound salt. Love you, big guy!

  2. Robin Farnell

    Good morning Brickle so happy that you are feeling better. I wish you many more years with your family. Some people don’t think before they open there mouth and I am sorry for that cause I know that it hurt your feelings. We all don’t know how much time we have left, so make each day GREAT….
    Please say a doggie prayer for Crystal the beagle has a follow up with the vet a few more test on this 15yr old girl… 🙂🙏❤🐾🐕‍🦺

  3. Jelli

    I just received my Dugby shirt..and my two traveling digs shirt..I’m closer to you both now. Glad you got monster taken off. We love you Sheriff.❤️🧡🦴

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