My Makeover

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I appreciate you letting us take a few days off of the blog this week. But after all of these years, we finally feel that we don’t have to be perfect all of the time. Especially for family like you.

I had my surgery on Tuesday. The days seem cloudy this week. One minute I was driving to the vet person.

The next minute I was walking in. Then, when I woke up, the Lump Monster was gone. But I couldn’t walk right. I couldn’t see very good. And j was really sick to my stomach. I had to be carried and I was scared. I didn’t recognize anyone or where I was. And I was in so much pain. I wondered if I was going to make it.

I wondered if all of this was worth taking that Lump Monster off of me.

I knew I needed a makeover. I needed a makeover in more ways that just getting the lump removed. That lump symbolized the heaviness I was carrying with me since Digby died. I felt bad. I felt sad.

And the feeling grew everyday and fast. It was consuming me. It was so heavy, I just couldn’t carry it any longer. But I felt guilty. Guilty I was still here and not Digby.

I was scared to feel good without the Lump Monster. But I couldn’t carry it and be my best for me. For the persons. For Fruitycake. And we all deserve better.

I have a lot of healing to do. But I must tell you. I feel better already.

I don’t have to carry that around any longer. I can honor Digby’s memory by being my best. And that’s what I will do.

The nights are hard for me. I’m in pain. The stitches hurt. And I may have more crying time. But I will get better. And you can too. Makeovers aren’t easy.

And there may be pain. But look past the pain. Look in the mirror. And make a promise to yourself to be better.

We will be at the farm for another week to recover.

Peanut Butter Brickle

5 thoughts on “My Makeover

  1. Janet Schaeffer

    I will keep your sweet boy in my all the others I to was shooked to read about Digbys passing.

  2. Patrice Paige

    Brickle I love your new look without the lump monster, but maybe persons could walk you with a harness instead of a collar till your stitches heal. Might be more comfortable for you. speedy recovery sweet boy.

  3. Robin Farnell

    Aww feel better Brickle 💕, I would have cried too, stitches hurt…. once it heals and you get the stitches out it will feel so good. Prayers and hugs for you sweet pup. 🐕‍🦺❤🙂🐾

    1. Sheila

      Aww sweet pup. We all need a makeover at some point. And the heaviness can get real. But you are such a strong guy. Do not feel guilty. You know your Guardian Angel wouldn’t want that for you. We want you to rest so you can play with Fruitycake and teach him about a wonderful life yous all have. Your Heavenly Angel would want that. So just take your time to rest and heal. We all want you up and going. 💖🙏🏻🐾💖

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