This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I’m learning so much every day in my new life. I’m starting to understand our family’s version of a routine.

I’m starting to understand what is expected for me not to do like barking at everyone and everything. I’m starting to understand I don’t want to listen about that.

But I didn’t know that I would also be involved in my first mission this weekend. The persons told me I did a good job.

You see, we met a huge lizard on a trail that the persons said was actually a Tokay Gecko.

The gecko was mad. Madder than me on a leash. He was hissing at us. And scaring us.

And the persons said that he was hurt. He had fallen from the grips of a bird. And he was not happy about any of this.

Well, in my opinion, we could have left him there or moved him off of the trail after he kept trying to bite us. But Brickle said that was not going to happen in our family. And that I better get used to helping when someone needs help. Brickle says we don’t look the other way. Even if the other way is easier.

So I got to learning about all of this on my first rescue mission. We got 15 off of the trail. That was his name now. The persons say everyone deserves a name. And since it took 15 minutes or less to get him in a box to help him, he was now 15.

We called others to try and help. But we learned that persons call the Tokay Lizard invasive. And that no one could help us, even though it wasn’t his fault he was here in this Florida place.

We spent all afternoon learning about 15. What he needed. How we could help. We watched him. We admired him. We talked to him. We told him he mattered. We told him we loved him. We told him we weren’t mad he was trying to bite us.

We really hoped he would feel our love and he would get better. He didn’t. I’m sorry.

I wondered. If we know helping someone won’t always work, should we even try? Was our day wasted? Our time? Our energy? The persons told me no.

The persons said all lives matter. Ones smaller than us. Ones bigger than us. Ones different than us. Ones who others think do not matter.

Don’t watch what others do and if they help. YOU do what you should and what you can. We loved you, 15. We always will. You taught us so much. I’m proud that you were my first rescue mission even though you went to sleep and didn’t wake up.

I’ll never regret my day with you. I’ll never regret helping. I’ll never regret giving you one more chance because someone gave me mine.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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