The Locket

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Where do you keep the things that matter most to you? Do you keep them in a safe? Do you keep them under your bed?

Do you keep them in a shoebox?

What about in a locket?

Girl Person has been carrying around some of Digby’s fur. I know. It sounds strange. But there are a few things she doesn’t know why she is doing them. She won’t clean up his drool stains on his side of the truck seat either. In my opinion, they can stay there forever.

So when Girl Person visited Gandma and Gandma and Gandma gave her a tiny locket, I knew right away what is was for. It was to put some of Digby’s fur in it to save it. To treasure it.

This locket meant a lot to Gandma. Girl Person knew that. She had held it many times as a little girl person. It wasn’t made out of gold. It wasn’t worth many dog treats. But it meant a lot to her.

She immediately put a strand of Digby’s fur inside. And there it will stay until she needs to look it to remember.

But without the locket, could she remember? Of course. We all have memories in our hearts. Just sometimes it is hard to remember because it hurts so bad. How can good things hurt? I don’t know. Just like I don’t know why we are doing many of the things we are right now.

Lockets can hold pictures. And fur. But only we can open up to remember who we are trying to remember. It’s a process. It’s not on the same time table for everyone. We all don’t know where to keep our memories and we won’t keep them in the same place.

You’ll know when to open your locket. You’ll know when to open your heart.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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