Fancy Rustic

This is Digby Pancake. What makes you feel fancy? Fancy schmancy? Is it a nice ride?

Is it a nice house?

Is it a nice boat?

How can those things be nice, I wondered out loud at camp yesterday.

Individuals are nice. Things are not. But for some, perhaps, these things are nice to have. Just because they have them. So what makes some feel fancy in different ways? I see this a lot at camp.

There are those that have fancy homes on wheels and some have tents.

But no matter what kind of shelter you have on your campsite, some make it feel fancy to them. Like putting up a sign. Or maybe some flowers on a picnic table. Or maybe a wind chime. I call this decor Fancy Rustic. And it’s my favorite decor style.

What makes some things fancy and some things not? It depends on who is looking at those things. It depends what value they decide to put on it. It depends on what is important. To them.

A campsite is a campsite no matter what you put in it. And you are you no matter what fancy schmancy things you have. That is not your value.

That is not your worth. You are worth so much more than you know. Think about the miracle you are. That doesn’t compare to anything fancy. There is no one like you.

So I’ll stick with Fancy Rustic. Appreciation for what I have. But realizing the beauty is how I make others feel around me.

Digby Pancake

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