Ice Cream On A Cold Day

This is Digby Pancake. There is no bad time to have good ice cream. There is actually no bad time to even have bad ice cream. You take what you can get.

I haven’t been feeling so fabulous the last week with a hurt paw. Things like that really get me down. But as always, Girl Person tries to cheer me up. And she usually can. When it involves ice cream.

But when it’s cold outside, you may not think it’s the best time for ice cream like yesterday.

But you would be wrong if you thought that. Because you are down, the coldest temperature isn’t outside. It’s in your heart.

I feel very deeply about things. You may see me smile all of the time because if I am smiling, that means I’m happy. And I usually am.

But when I can’t smile as much, it’s for good reason. I get down because I want to feel better. I get mad at myself and frustrated that I can’t talk myself out of what is bothering me. Do you ever feel like that?

When I feel bad, my heart feels cold. Like the sunshiney will never come out again. But when I see Girl Person trying to cheer me up, I realize that I’m needed. I realize that I can do it. I realize I need to feel better because I matter. And I want you to feel like that too. Because you matter to me.

Ice cream on a cold day can warm your heart when it comes with love and care from someone.

Never think that trying to cheer someone up is wasted energy or that it will take away your light.

Shine brighter with kindness and gifts of love for others. Give away ice cream on a cold day.

Even when you have to bundle up.

Digby Pancake

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