Floating Shoes

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me. If you want to sail in a wooded swamp, I got you.

Yesterday, it rained so much that everything seemed to float away, including our spirits. Camping by a river in the middle of the woods, things get real flooded, real fast. And as we looked out of the RV window, and made sure that we had put everything away, the persons quickly realized that their shoes were floating. Away.

You can think that you are prepared, but often, preparations don’t work when you don’t prepare for really what you need to prepare for.

And as much as that sentence doesn’t make sense, well, neither did all the shoes floating away and why they were left out there in the first place. You see, we had been warned about the storm. We had been warned about the wind and the rain. But we didn’t know how much it would rain. We didn’t know. We didn’t know. And I suppose it didn’t much matter. Because everything was wet. Just some things were wetter than others.

I suppose you can fight against nature. Or you can just sit back and watch from inside your dry RV.

And as I thought about the fact I was happy that I neither wore pants nor shoes, I thought how nice it is to be a dog and not worry about all the stuff that persons have to worry about. I thought how nice it is to appreciate the rain and not worry about it so much. Because all I know is if it is raining or it’s not raining. I don’t agonize over a weather forecast. I don’t worry about the forecast for next week. I don’t have to put away my shoes.

What do we put our value in?  Things that can float away or things that matter like being good, doing good for others, kindness and understanding?

Do you compare yourselves to what others have to leave out in the rain, or do you build a reputation that is of value to others?

Take stock of what you place your time and energy on.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

We still have MUCH MORE to show you from the Georgia Sea Turtle Center in Jekyll Island, Georgia, which was part of our Good Sam Giveback for the month of October.  Stay tuned next week when we are in an area hopefully with cell service!

Just two more days to help us reach our fundraising goal for this non-profit.  Every dollar and every share counts!


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