Get On At The Next Stop

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. How motivated are you today? On a scale of 1-10.

Some days, I’m motivated to get a lot done. Some days, I’m content to just rest. Some days I feel guilty about not doing something. It feels like my thoughts are fighting against my motivation.

Boy Person knows how this is. A few years ago, he lost a very important person in his life. His dad. At the time it happened, he was in the middle of a project. Or a pawject, as he calls it. And well, his motivation left him. And he put up his project. It just wasn’t fun anymore. It wasn’t important any more.

But, two years later, he came upon that unfinished project. He felt guilty about not finishing it. Kind of like how I mention my thoughts fight against me sometimes.

Boy Person got out his project. He looked at it. And it just felt overwhelming. All the memories came back. And he just didn’t know if he could finish his project. He didn’t know if he could at all.

Girl Person told him it was ok. That he didn’t have to finish it. So he looked at the railroad ties he had found so long ago.

And he had an idea. Maybe instead of finishing that project, he would change it. He would start over. Since he had already got off at the station, he would get back on at the next stop.

Sure. It’s easy to let bad memories stop us from where we want to go. It’s easy to dwell on negative things that have happened. It’s easy to keep on life’s train, ignoring all the good things passing us by.

So sometimes, it helps to stop and deal with our feelings and acknowledge them. It helps to realize we will be sad sometimes and feel stuck. So get off that train. Stop. Regroup.

And when you feel like it, get on at the next station. It may not be where you thought you’d end up. But it might be where you need to be to continue.

Did Boy Person finish his project? He did.

But it was a new one. Not the one he started with, and that was ok.

Life may not be easy some days. Our thoughts and memories may bring us down. So leave that station. And try your best to enjoy the next stop.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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