The Story Of The Fig Roll

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. You may notice Digby has been kind of quiet this week. He’s been feeling a little less than smiley. Not as much as frowny. But not his full self. So I have taken over the blog, and let me just say, it’s exhausting.

I may love to be around others. But only for a limited time. I prefer the company of myself. The solitude of admiring myself. The realization that I’m my best company.

But we all need others to live. We have to give and we have to receive.

We have to take but we have to provide. That’s what the fig wasps taught me yesterday when I sat under the fig tree.

Girl Person was in a sad mood. She was tired from worrying about Digby. And we had been up most of the night. She slept on the floor with Digby for a little while. And we all were just dragging our booties a little bit. But she looked up at the fig tree as we took a walk around the yard. We needed to clear our minds while Digby rested inside.

She got an idea to bake some fig rolls. There weren’t many figs that we could find ripe. And the ones that were ripe, the birds had partaken. But we found just enough to make a few fig rolls. Although Boy Person says everything Girl Person bakes ends up being a biscuit. No comment.

So she whipped up a batch of fig roll biscuits or whatever they were.

And we took another walk. That’s when Girl Person said she wondered. Was a fig a fruit or what? How did the figs come to be?

What was the story of the fig tree that we had baked into a fig roll? What we learned really surprised us.

Have you ever looked inside a fig? It’s not a fruit. But it’s a flower! An inverted flower. An inside out flower! Can you believe it?

And that’s not all. It takes fig wasps to make them grow. And many times, they perish inside the fig. You see, the fig tree takes many paths in its life standing still. Because others like the fig wasps are helping it. That fig roll really wasn’t made by Girl Person technically. It was made possible by the fig wasps.

Do we take the time to learn about where our food comes from? Do we take our food for granted?

Do we forget to thank all the wings and hands that go into what is on our plate? I’m sure we all do.

But how amazing life is and how amazing our food is!!

Take the time to learn about just one thing, like the fig.

And see what story YOU can write with that knowledge.

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2 thoughts on “The Story Of The Fig Roll

  1. Christine S

    Hope your feeling better Digby, holding you tight. Everyone take very good care, hugs to you all, hoping for the best with everything. Double kiss’es and hugs Digby, Brickle, Girl person and Boy person. 🙏🏻

  2. Susan

    Peanut Butter Brickle I absolutely learning from you about the story of figs it was fascinating to learn that. It’s so great to learn new things everyday if possible, thank youBrickle you tell the story so are a very handsome boy.when you see DIGBY tell him in his ear that I am praying for him to feel so much better
    I love you boys so much💙🙏🏻

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