Someone Else’s Hot Sauce

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. How spicy are you? If I was a pepper, I think I would be a jalapeño. Not too hot. But just enough to burn your mouth a bit.

If Digby was a pepper, he would be sweet. Not spicy, like a bell pepper.

I see the persons using what they call hot sauce.

In fact, Girl Person made some herself the other day. A lot of it. She said it’s cheaper that way. And she said it tastes fresher. I wouldn’t know.

We aren’t allowed to try it. She says no hot sauce for dogs.

So I wondered. What makes hot sauce taste so good to some persons and not to others?

What makes hot sauce ok for persons to eat, but not dogs?

Girl Person says it’s like life. One person’s hot sauce may not be for another.

She said that we all have likes and dislikes.

She said not everything we like is even good for someone else. She said that’s why the world is so colorful and flavorful. It’s made up of many different personalities.

I think I understand. Because Digby wants pancakes. And all the time Digby wants pancakes. But maybe a different flavor. Maybe savory one day.

Maybe sweet the next.

The trick is not to judge anyone else’s hot sauce. Let them flavor their life they way that tastes good to them.

And maybe choose your own condiment. That’s the great thing about life. You can always change it up.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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