The Snake And The Laundry

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. One thing is for sure. I don’t like pants and I’ve never liked pants. That’s why I don’t wear them. Digby doesn’t like them either. No. Pants.

But persons seem to wear all kinds of clothes. They get those clothes dirty. And they wash them. If you’re like our family, you spend a lot of quarters washing all those clothes at the campgrounds.

If clothes are so important, I don’t get it. And either does Snakey Snake here in the barn. In fact, he’s so confused by this whole clothes wearing thing that he decided to watch Girl Person first thing in the morning start her routine of washing all she can wash.

He thought he should probably learn how to do laundry. You know. Just to add to his snake resume.

So he hid by the wall. And when Girl Person walked around the corner, there he was.

But instead of starting the laundry in the washing machine, she dropped the clothes and ran. He was confused. This is how you do laundry?

Snakey Snake thought perhaps she had forgot her soap or something. Not that he had watched her before…or anything like that.

But Girl Person pulled herself together. She knew that Snakey Snake didn’t mean her any harm.

But being startled sure kept happening. So Snakey Snake thought maybe he should be nice. So he hid under a cabinet in the barn.

And just put his head out to watch and learn.

It was like remote working. Like Zoom.

But it didn’t take long for Girl Person to see him.

When you’re looking for a snake, you find them. You notice them. You don’t get as startled. And somehow, because she was prepared, Snakey Snake didn’t seem so scary.

Now. Girl Person did her laundry. Snakey Snake watched and took notes. Mental notes. Snakes don’t have a pencil, silly. But what do snakes have? Their own laundry, after all.

You see, Snakey Snake was a bit envious of all the clean laundry. He looked at his skin. And he decided maybe he should do a load. So he shed his skin.

And he looked at himself in the mirror again. Wow. He was a new snake!

This laundry thing sure made more sense to him.

And he was excited that now all those quarters he had been collecting would be put to good use.

Snakes and laundry don’t make sense. Or do they? Just about as much sense as being scared of a harmless snake like Snakey Snake. Girl Person is starting to get used to him. They might not ever cuddle on the couch, or be the best of friends, but they can co-exist.

They can appreciate and learn from each other from afar.

If there is someone or something you are scared of, learn more about them.

Knowledge has a way of building our own confidence and our confidence to interact with others. Let the snakes watch you do the laundry.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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