Rice Cakes

This is Digby Pancake. Rice cake, oh, rice cake. Where have you been all of my life? Can you go back there?


Girl Person is on this healthy kick. Not only is she running and kicking for fun, but she’s eating different things too.


But just because she is getting a kick out of healthy living, it doesn’t mean that I want to take a bite.

And I definitely don’t want to crunch into a rice cake.


Rice cake. You would think it would be delicious. Rice cake. Pancake. I thought that they were related.



But even a gallon of maple syrup can’t help this soul of a cake.

I was tricked. I tried it. And yes, I ate it. Grudgingly. Because there was nothing else. What do you always save for last? Are you really leaving the best for last? How is this possible?


Girl Person told me that we should be thankful for all things in our lives. She told me that if we didn’t have food, a rice cake could save our lives. And I suppose I never thought of it like that. Does anyone need a rice cake? I would like to save your life. What are you wasting that could literally save your life one day? Love? Trust? Appreciation? Self-esteem?



The truth is, there are always things we don’t like and things we do. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have value. If we use what we have in inventive ways, it can be delicious! Even dried up rice.


Being a kind individual means looking at everything we use in our lives and how our consuming is affecting the world.  Don’t waste food.  Recycle. Don’t waste love.  Give love. Don’t waste time. Go on that hike.  

Don’t complain about the problems on our earth or in your world if you aren’t willing to make the extra effort to eat that rice cake.


Digby Pancake

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