When The Heart Knows

This is Digby Pancake.  Have you ever believed something to be truer than true?  Have you ever believed something or someone so much that you didn’t question anything?  I know.  I have felt like that.  I always knows dinner will come.  Because it always has.

But persons don’t seem to trust themselves.  They have a truer than true meter right inside of them.  They don’t pay for it.  They don’t ask it to work…it just does.  And yet, they don’t listen to what their heart knows.  In fact, they usually do the opposite.

Girl Person has that Depression Monster.  We all know that thing.  And she fights it alot.  Usually, she knows when it is going to pay her a visit.  And there are things that she could do to prevent it from walking thru the door.  But she thinks that she is stronger.  She thinks she knows better.  But her heart always tells her.  And the other day, she didn’t listen.

Her heart was saying that she needed to take a break.  Step away from work.  She needed to take a nap.  Exercise.  Anything but work.  Anything but worry.  

But she had things to do.  And she didn’t step away.  She didn’t take a break.  And she didnt pick up on the voice of her heart.

We want to trust others, yes.  But have we learned to trust ourselves?

I see persons always trying to impress others.  But us dogs know that trust in ourselves is more important.  We trust our instincts.  And you have them too.

You have a heart.  A big one.

If there is something bothering you, listen to that heart.  If there is something or someone you feel uneasy with, listen to that heart.  Listen to you.  You know what is fake and who is not.


Feel the feels.  Trust your heart.  

It always knows.

-Digby Pancake

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