Run The Day Or The Day Will Run You

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Do you wake up already thinking that you know how good or how bad your day is going to be?

Even I have done that.


I could say that I’m happy everywhere. But I’m not happiest everywhere. If I expect to have a good day every day, I have to make one. I also have to make changes if I need to.


I like to travel and to see new things.

And sometimes when we have been somewhere for a little while that isn’t my favorite, I get bored. I get tired. It’s hard for me to have much to look forward to. I know. I may sound ungrateful, but I’m not.

I just know what makes me a better version of me. And that is change.

Although every day is meant to be appreciated, it takes effort to make a day a good one. We can let the day run us. Or we can run the day.

What do you wish that you could change today? Maybe it’s possible. Maybe it isn’t possible today.


But we can always strive to reach our goals. Just some days we may need to take a different path to get there. And we may need to change it up. Do you truly understand what makes us our best? Are we living in a way that matters? Are you doing what matters to you?

Take a look inside of your heart.  Talk out loud if you have to today.  Run with what you’re feeling…it’s time to run your day and then your life.

Peanut Butter Brickle


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