Level With Me

This is Digby Pancake. Are you honest? Level with me.


Sometimes things need to be said to someone we love if it is coming from the right place in our heart. But if it is not coming from the right place, leveling may prove to be dangerous. Ineffective.


That kind of happened to us this weekend. We ended up at a truck stop of sorts. And it was lousy. Loud. Not fun.

And the persons said every day is special. So it was time to move on. Even if we didn’t know where in the world we were going. We just went.

The campsite we found was great! Yes, it was hot. But it had electric. And water. And a space that fit us. Kind of.

But as Boy Person tried to get our house on wheels level, we realized it wasn’t going to be such an easy day. In fact, the previous days had been hard too. And Boy Person was at his limit, just like our house on wheels.


I had to level with him about the leveling situation. He needed to stop. Regroup. Rest for an hour. And then think about what to do. Doing the same thing over and over and over wasn’t helping. It was just draining everyone’s batteries.


My leveling with him seemed to helped. Because he did take a break. We took a walk. We helped a turtle out of the road. We took a hike. And when we got back and he tried to level it again? Well. It still didn’t work.

Sometimes leveling with someone may not help immediately. Maybe they take what we say the wrong way. But if we are truly trying to help from a place of love, maybe our leveling will settle in their heart eventually.



We never want to be rude. Unkind. Or uncaring. But sometimes we have to say it. Whatever it is. We cannot lie!


Eventually we got to go inside our house on wheels that night. But we still have some problems to work on to be level. Sometimes something can’t be fixed overnight. And that’s ok. Just start the process.

We are in Oklahoma until Tuesday, then Arkansas. We are making our way to Georgia by Friday! Can we do it?

Digby Pancake

If you’re thinking of traveling without your dog, you’re barking up the wrong RV! Here’s 5 #RVHacks to make travel days with your dog fun and furtastic for you both!

🐶 Road-trip Snacks! Food is fun! We like to prep our RV Roll-Ups the night ahead of travel. We make vegan wraps with hummus for protein for the persons and peanut butter and fruit for the pups!

🐶 Water, Water and More Water! We can’t emphasize this enough. Bring double the amount of water you think that you and your dog will need. Emergencies, breakdowns and hot weather can occur. Water is crucial! Keep hydrated on the road! That goes for the persons too

🐶 Dog Stairs!! If you are towing an RV and ride in a truck, dog stairs are great to get in and out for senior dogs! As our dogs have aged in years, they need a little extra help to get in and out of our truck and RV. Dog ramps are great too!

🐶 Take Breaks! There are numerous options available for stretching those paws. Map out your route and look for county parks for a nice break from rest areas. If time is of the essence, fuel up and stretch at a dog friendly gas station. Some have pet walk areas and even clean dog parks!

🐶 Pack Dinner! If it’s a long travel day, chances are, your dog will be hungry when you get to camp. If dinner is packed ahead of time, it makes for a content and happy pup!

Want more RV tips and tricks?

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