The Pillow Under The RV

This is Digby Pancake.  My persons ask me a lot of times why I do certain things.  Why do I bark so much? Why am I always hungry? Why do I bark so much when I am hungry?

But one thing they forgot to ask me was how I found the most perfect pillow underneath our house on wheels.  Yes. They forgot to ask because they forgot they needed to know.

In this Oklahoma place yesterday, it was steamy.  As steamy as a pancake just off of the griddle!  I wanted to be outside, but I wanted to stay cool too.  So me and Brickle decided we would go chill and look at the lake from underneath our house on wheels. It is the perfect hideout for us dogs!

We get to watch everything.  We get to be cool. And we get some privacy! What if someone was always watching you?

Little did I know that I would find the most perfect pillow under the RV.  Some my call it an RV jack.  

Some may call it not a pillow.  I call it mine.  I love it.  It is cool.  It is just the right height.  And it is comforting to me. Oh, the sleep I get!

Don’t agree? Find your own pillow which is what I would suggest anyway!  I don’t want to share.  You see, some may question what you find comforting in life.  

Maybe it is exercising that keeps you feeling like you.

Maybe it is cooking like our Girl Person.

Maybe it is watching TV.

Whatever it is that you like to do that makes you feel comfortable, that’s awesome.  Just like you wouldn’t want to be questioned about it, how are we to judge others for what they enjoy?

I really can’t imagine a better pillow.  But the best part is knowing it is mine and there for me.  What is there for you?  Let it be comfy like a big pair of stretchy pants.  If you wear them.

We are on our way to Arkansas today! Little Rock, Arkansas, here we come.  

-Digby Pancake

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