Assumptions Of Stromboli

This is Digby Pancake. When was the last time that you assumed something?

Maybe it was that time you assumed that I possibly couldn’t eat any more dinner. But then I proved you wrong. I love watching surprised faces.

Maybe you assumed that Brickle was nice. Wrong again.

But as the persons were having a lazy morning and drinking their mud in a cup, they were looking at houses in Italy. And they saw a pretty house in somewhere that was called Stromboli.

And well. It made Girl Person hungry. She loves something called Stromboli.

So she looked up a vegan recipe and she got to cooking! She was excited. It was delicious. And she wished that she could go eat some real Stromboli in Stromboli.

What Girl Person assumed was that the name for this delicious treat came from the island it was first made.

But what she didn’t know is that Stromboli the food came from…Philadelphia.

That’s right. Someone first made Stromboli and decided it looked like a volcano. Like the volcano in Italy named Stromboli.

Have you ever assumed something without doing the research? How dangerous is that?

As dangerous as a volcano named Stromboli.

Don’t be lazy. Don’t assume. Learn.

And by learning, you will become more tolerant. Compassionate. Better.

If a Stromboli calls your name in life, learn about it.

Take what you think you know and add to it. You may just find out what you didn’t know is even more delicious.

Digby. Pancake

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