Went Thru The Desert In A Truck With No Name

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What day is it? I have no idea. When you have been driving for five days, you forget what your name is. Especially if it’s as long as mine.

The persons said that Digby Pancake and I did a really good job. We were so go with the flow. We were patient. We were supportive. That’s what family does. Even when we don’t fully understand.

And we don’t really understand why we had to get to this California place so fast. But the persons say that we have to film with that Camping World place this week for a good reason. They just can’t tell us the reason yet.

Life sure feels different yet the same lately. We have a new house on wheels. We have a new truck which we haven’t even named yet.

But we got to see a lot of old friends this weekend. That felt good.

We got to revisit the green areas of Arkansas.

We got to feel the wind of Oklahoma.

We said hello to Route 66 in New Mexico.

We said hello to the blue Arizona sky.

We visited with some cows in Texas.

We can’t believe sometimes that we have been traveling for ten years.

Sometimes the road feels more familiar than anything.

But maybe familiar isn’t so bad. It’s nice to revisit old memories to remember how far you’ve come.

But you can’t forget to remember how far you need to go.

Life can be challenging. Sometimes you are stronger than you think and weaker than you think…all at the same time. On the days that we were freezing from the cold one minute, we knew the next day it would be 80 degrees. But when you’re struggling in the moment, that sure is hard to remember as you’re going thru the desert in a truck with no name.

As we get older, it feels good to challenge ourselves. To know we can do anything we put our minds to. And there is so much more to do.

Although we can’t tell you exactly what we are filming with that Camping World place yet, and we want it to be a surprise, we will tell you thank you. Thank you for encouraging us this last week. Thank you for being excited about our travels. Thank you for being with us every mile.

Digby Pancake

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