When Nature Calls, Don’t Always Answer

This is Digby Pancake. I’ve heard a lot of things in my day…or many days. There are things I listen for, like the word dinner.

There are things I don’t listen for, like when someone tells me dinner may be late.

But after all of this driving and driving and driving, I have been listening for that voice on the phone that says “you’ve reached your destination.” That sure sounds nice every night. What doesn’t sound nice? Crazy nature sounds when you arrive at your campsite late at night. Crazy nature sounds that eerily sound like something is happening I shouldn’t be hearing.

Crazy nature sounds that aren’t coming from the woods. Nope. Coming from an RV.

As we were setting up camp and having all kinds of problems and going slow because it was our first time in this RV, apparently it wasn’t a first time for the RV next to us. I wasn’t sure what was happening so I barked and barked. And the persons? Well, they had to laugh.

You see, some may not realize how much you can hear when your neighbor is pretty close. Some may not realize that the scariest sounds don’t come from the woods. Or from the animals in the woods. But from the animals inside the RV.

The persons said not to talk about it. But they sure were laughing about it. And all the problems from the last week? We pretty much forgot about them. And my suggestion is that we forget about this too. Did we wait to watch and see who got out of that RV the next morning? We sure did. And I’m not sure why they made such a quick exit…

Digby Pancake

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