Never Think You’ve Got It Licked

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Well. Just many days later we are finally on the road. And it feels pretty good. Although we are already pretty tired.

You know, when you’ve been doing something for awhile, whether it’s your job or you hobby, you may just think you are pretty good at it. You may think there is not much more you can learn.

I guess that’s how we were feeling about traveling. We’ve been doing it so much that sometimes we feel like there is no place we haven’t been.

And we felt like we were pretty good at setting up camp. Driving. That whole routine. Until. Everything started going wrong with our tires.

Until we didn’t know how to use a hitch.

Until we didn’t realize how big this truck and the RV was.

And then we realized what our Granny used to tell us many times. Never think you’ve got it licked.

Now, me and Digby do lick a lot. Peanut butter is our favorite.

But if persons think they have something licked, they don’t pay attention as much. They make mistakes. They become overconfident. They think they have nothing to learn. And they are wrong.

Every single day we have an opportunity to improve at something. No matter what it is. Take the opportunity and be better. Do better. And when you do that, even though it’s something you may feel confident at, that confidence can help you to not only be better at that…but at something else too.

We have a long way to go to California. We hope you’ll join us every day of our journey. Let’s do this in the Big Barking Biscuit Buggy!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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