The Nail In The Tire

This is Digby Pancake. We have a mystery on our paws.

And until someone comes clean, well. It will remain a mystery.

Seems as though someone doesn’t want us to leave Rocky Face, Georgia. I have my suspicions about who put a nail in our RV tire.

Could it have been Juneau? Juneau isn’t trustworthy. She eats grass when no one is looking. She steals toys. And she tries to steal her sister Ellie’s boyfriend…Brickle.

So did she put the nail in the tire?

Could it have been Ellie? You can’t look Ellie in the eyes and not fall in love.

And sometimes she uses her beauty to distract me. And then she steals my ice cream.

So did she put the nail in the tire?

Or. Was it our friends who live here? Did they like us taking over their barn space and camping out on their property so much that they didn’t want us to leave?

Did they like Girl Person’s vegan cooking so much that they can’t feed themselves now?

Did they never want Boy Person to leave because he can fix dryers and lawn mowers? Maybe. Maybe they put the nail in the tire.

No matter who it was, it’s nice to feel wanted. And needed. And loved. If there’s one thing we’ve realized in all of our years of travel, it’s that others care. And as we try for the millionth day in a row to get on the road tomorrow, we will hope for no more accidents. Tragedies. Troubles. But we have to remember, problems like this aren’t the end of the world. It’s our attitude in dealing with them.

Let’s do this!

Digby Pancake

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