What Would You Notice In One Day?

This is Digby Panacake. Here we are this morning. Still in Rocky Face, Georgia, y’all.

But that’s ok! Because yesterday was a day with the birds and Mr. Bad Mood.

It was an extra day with Ellie and Juneau.

It was an extra day with our friends And it was an extra hill run.

How many extra days in life do we get? We just don’t know. And so if you thought your time was over and you had that extra day, what would you notice? What would you really notice? Look. Remember what’s important in life before you forgot.

Some persons are in one place for a long time.

Some persons move around a lot like us.

But no matter what, all of us can be blind to what and who are around us. It’s like Brickle says, he sees himself so much that he forgets how truly handsome he is.

We have a long drive to get to Temecula, California. And we have to drive long days. We may have traveled thru these places and states before. Many times.

But when you have an extra chance to notice something extra, don’t waste it! Don’t forget that life changes. We change. But important and valuable parts of our earth are always worthy to take notice of. No matter what expectations are of ourselves. Or what we think we have to get done.

Take your extra day today and look. Really look. Tell me what you see. Tell me what and who is there to take notice of.

It’s not wasted time to look. It’s a waste of a day if you don’t.

Digby Pancake

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One thought on “What Would You Notice In One Day?

  1. Laurie Flambouras

    When you come through AZ on your way to Temecula, which is only about 7 hrs from the Phoenix area, you should stop at O.H.S.O. Brewery and Distillery. Set it up in advance with them and they donate some of the profits to animal rescue. Rescue groups do this often with them. They have many locations and some have great parking for your RV.

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